Yulia Belasla - modern artist


Yulia Belasla was born in 1987 in the city of Barnaul, Altaiskiy Kray, Russia. When she was still a baby her parents moved to the city of Kemerovo, in Siberia, where she had grown up. Since 2017 she has been living in Moscow, Russia. Where she works from her home studio as a full time artist. Yulia Belasla is a member of the International Federation of Artists and a member of the Folk Art Union.

Since her childhood, Yulia was attracted to painting. Private lessons, various courses, and art school only warmed up her interest. Finally, Yulia Belasla has graduated from the Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts, as a graphic designer. She had studied there both classical painting and drawing, as well as the form's stylization.

2013-2017 she had a frame shop where she worked as a decorative artist in Kemerovo, offered picture frames and a passionate taught of adults and children to painting.
In 2017 she closed her a frame shop. Today, her time is entirely dedicated to producing art and she gives art master classes.

Life is an interweaving of destinies, whose interaction creates a beautiful canvas of this world. I've been inspired by my surroundings, people, and relationships. Emotions are the brightest "color" in our universe. It is the language that everyone understands.
Some of the paintings came to her in my dreams. These mystical images of her inner world. Yulia Belasla likes to share it with people, interact with them through her paintings.

In her works, she often refers to the origins of Russian traditions. This is like a river for all her inspirations. The closer to its beginning, the cleaner and more vivifying it is. When it's passing through her mind it helps to accumulate new experience and knowledge, while her dreams help to collect those wonderful images, which she then captures in her paintings.

Yulia Belasla uses oil, acrylics and some times watercolour.
One of the important projects of her art works is Slavic culture. She is Russian and she thinks it is very important to know the culture and traditions. Yulia Belasla loves to talk about Slavic culture, traditional holidays through her paintings. Through pictures she shows the Russian national character, Russian soul.
She puts her heart and soul into her paintings.


2019 - online-courses of Art marketing 'Out of the studio'.
2014 - Diploma in School of Airbrushing 'Bright', Kemerovo Western Siberia.
2005-11 - Diploma in State University of Culture and Art from Kemerovo, majoring in graphic design.
2005 - Diploma in Children's School of Art (with distinction), Kemerovo Western Siberia (4 years full time).
1995-2000 - Private painting and drawing lessons from the teacher artist Olga Kiseleva, who is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Solo show

2017 - solo exhibition "Sunny dreams", Exhibition hall International Federation of Artists, section of Ethnography, Dolgoprudny in Moscow region, Russia.

Selected group shows

2019 – W&P Gallery "Touch of eternity", Moscow, Russia.

2019 - exhibition "Theatre through the eyes of artists", Youth historical and cultural complex Nosov Mansion, Moscow, Russia.

2019 - art festival "Art without shores", Youth historical and cultural complex Nosov Mansion, Moscow, Russia.

2018 - "Russian Art Week", XXV International Exhibition&Competition of Modern&Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.

2017 - exhibition ART PORTRAIT, Moscow, Russia.

2017 - exhibition Plein Air Assembly plein air Assembly.


2012 - exhibition "Days of Slavic art in Madrid" in the Russian Center of Science and Culture, Spain, Madrid.

2011 - exhibition "Young Siberia", Western Siberia.

2009 - exhibition "Communalka", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the creative activity of L. K. Moiseenko. The Kemerovo regional organization of the Union of Architects of Russia.


2017-2018 - Second prize at the International Ethnic festival ETHNIC ART FEST,
Russia - the United Kingdom.

2018 - Fist prize competition Art poetry, Moscow, Russia.

2016 - Third prize in a special nomination "For the originality of the disclosure of the theme of national holidays" in the International ethnographic festival-competition "ETHNO ART FEST", London, Russia - the United Kingdom.

2009 - Second prize in the category "Graphic symbolism" for the development of the emblem of the festival. International festival-competition of creative industries of the modern policy "With love to the city", Kemerovo, Russia..


2018 - Member of the Fork Art Union of Russia

2017 - Member of the International Federation of Artists of Russia.


2019 - art catalog №7 of W&P Gallery.

2018 - the catalog contains materials XXV International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Russian Art Week" (season 2018-autumn), Moscow, p. 37.

2016 - the catalog contains materials International Ethnographic Festival "Ethno Art Fest", Moscow - London, p. 35


2017 - international Scientific and practical conference "Contemporary art and globalization". TimePad. Moscow, Russia.